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 Elf Priest Heaven Vs Hell Guide

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PostSubject: Elf Priest Heaven Vs Hell Guide   Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:05 am

Elf Priest heaven vs hell guide,

Here you will see the difference between Heaven and Hell Elf Priest.
The Adds on your skills.

Green is heaven, Red is Hell

Fury burst
700% attack damage from equipment within 15 seconds and reduce of 25% for all the damage receive
700% attack damage from equipment within 15 seconds and increase the casting speed by 25%.

Immortal Energy, Focus energy, instantly increase oneself's 50 points of vigor.
Daimon Provocation, Provoke the opponent, instantly reduce 50 points of its' vigor

Pure Heart Spell
Mana consumption reduce by 25%.
There is a 25% chance to recover 5% of maximum MP to oneself

Whisht Heart Spell
Increase 10% of HP regeneration amount.
Regenerate 300 mana point for 15 seconds on the target.

Sapience Pour
Chanting time reduce by 0.3 second.
Can gain extra 20% of vigor for every time this skill is cast.

Distance for chanting skill increase to 40 meter
Chanting time reduce by half.

Purify Spell
Chanting time reduce by 0.5 second, cooldown time reduce by 2 seconds
Dark-Spell won't consume vigor.

Chromatic Healing Beam
Area of group recovery extend another 5 meter in radius.
HP recovery amount increase by 600.

River of Rejuvenation
While casting the skill can gain extra 30% of vigor.
Grant the target a temporary physical defense of 100% the equipment defense value

Solid Shell Hierogram
Increase an extra 100% of physical defense of the target for 10 seconds.
There is a 25% chance to increase 25 points of vigor for oneself and the target.

Spirit Gather Hierogram
Within 10 seconds of time, the target's skill chanting rate is increase by 20%.
A 25% chance to increase oneself as well as the target's vigor by 25 points.

Celestial Guard Hierogram
Regenerate 1200 HP for the target within 15 second.
Regenerate 900 MP for the target within 15 second.

Nimbus-Aid Hierogram
Regenerate 900 mana point for the target within 15 second.
Increase another extra magic attack damage by 150% for 10 seconds.

Plume Quill
Add-on damage increase by 800.
Skill chanting and cooldown time equally reduce by 0.3 second.

Plume Barrier
Damage absorption ratio increase up to 85%.
Vigor consumption reduce by 15 point.

Feather Razors
Area of damage increase by 2 meter in radius.
Cooldown time reduce by 2 seconds.

Five Element Hierogram
Increase the target's magic defense reduction duration up to 25 seconds.
Decrease oneself's magic defense reduction of duration to 15 seconds.

Five Corporeity Hierogram
Increase the target's physical defense reduction duration up to 25 seconds.
Decrease oneself's physical defense reduction of duration to 15 seconds.

Five Tone Hierogram
Paralyze duration increase by 2 seconds.
Oneself's magic attack will not be reduced.

Five Hue Hierogram
Sleeping duration increase by 4 seconds.
Oneself's movement speed will not be reduced.

Great Cyclone
Speed reduction ratio increase up to 45%, duration increase by 1 second.
Add-on damage increase by 600.

Thunder Sphere
Every metal elemental damage is increase by 15%.
Damage duration reduce by 3 seconds.

Hurricane Blast
Got 25% chance no need consume fury.
Cooldown time reduce by 5 seconds.

Thunder Wield
A 50% chance to gain extra 30 points of vigor when it hit the enemy.
Reducing the enemy's metal elemental defense by 30% for 10 seconds.

Galactic Storm
A 50% chance that only 1 point of fury will be consumed.
A 25% chance to paralyze it for 8 seconds.

Metal Element Mastery
Metal elemental damage increase by 25%.
When using magic attack, there will be 2% critical hit rate increase.
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Elf Priest Heaven Vs Hell Guide
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