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 werefox guide

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PostSubject: werefox guide   Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:05 am

Heaven Vs Hell Werefox, Guide

Here you will see the difference between Heaven and Hell Werefox.
The Adds on your skills.

Green is heaven, Red is Hell

Envenom Parasite

A 20% chance to gain 30 point of vigor when hit the opponent.
When hit the opponent, it can reduce 30% of its' wood elemental defense for 6 seconds

IronRock Parasite

The duration of Armour Break increase to 20 seconds.
There is only a 20% chance to impose armour break, but if it succeeded, will cause the enemy's physical defense drop to 0!

Blazing Parasite

Increase 15% for every fire elemental damage.
Damage duration of time reduce by 6 seconds.

Frostbolt Parasite

The chance of frostbite increase up to 95%.
During frostbitten process can cause opponent to paralyze for 3 seconds.

Mass Parasite

Both add-on and duration damage equally increase up to 3054 of attack damage.
Cooldown time reduce by 1 seconds.

Megalith Parasite

Stun time duration increase by 1 second.
Skill Cooldown time reduce by 2 second.

Parasite Nova

A 50% chance that the skill consume less 1 point of fury.
When target is being sealed from all action, it will suffer another 30% of extra damage.

Wood Element Mastery

Wood elemental damage increase by 25%.
When using magic attack, there will be 2% critical hit rate increase.

Metabolic Boost

Recovery on HP increase up to 60%.
Cooldown time reduce by 90 seconds.

Divine Supplements

Recovery on mana point increase up to 60%.
Cooldown time reduce by 90 seconds.

Vigour Switch

There is a 25% chance that oneself's fury will not be consumed.
There is a 20% chance to add 2 point of fury to a friendly target.

Bramble Guard

Duration of skill increase up to 20 minutes.
Damage rebound increase up to 75%.

Celerity Wind Walk

Also dispell all negative states from oneself.
Ignore various baffle condition in 6 seconds.

Fox Change

After transformation, the physical defense increase 150% of the equipment value, precision rate increase 250%.
Each time after the fox transformation, within the next following 6 seconds, the movement speed itself increase by 60%.

Banish malediction

The skill can also affect the enemies within 5 meter radius of the target's surrounding.
Cooldown time reduce to 25 seconds.

Amplify Maim

Target suffers another 30% extra damage.
The duration of Amplify Maim curse increase by 6 seconds.

Soul Degeneration

Temporarily cause the target's HP upper limit value to reduce by 20%.
Causing the opponent's dodge rate to reduce by half within 20 seconds.

Vigour Crush

Every attacks suffer by target will cause a reduction of 15 point vigor
There is a 50% chance to add 1 point of fury directly to oneself.

Foxy Drub

A 50% chance that it will not consume any vigor.
A 20% chance to let all attacks on the following 5 seconds to have critical hit.

HexMist Attack

Add-on attack damage increase by 800.
Can render the enemy in a 30% speed reduction for 3 seconds.

Enlace Drub

A 25% chance that it will not consume any fury point.
A 50% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds.

Life Depriver

Chance to absorb HP increase up to 100%.
HP absorption value increase up to 800.

Spirit Consume

This skill attack can 100% hit right on target
Cooldown time reduce by 3 seconds.

Hexmalefic Crush

1800 points of mana value will be burn off in 3 seconds.
The value of mana burns off increase up to 2400 points.

Melee Feat Mastery

Add-on attack damage obtain from the equipment increase up to 200%.
After transformation, a 3% critical hit rate is added when attacking.

Fury burst

900% magic attack damage from equipment within 15 seconds and 500% for physical damage
700% magic attack damage from equipment within 15 seconds and 650% for physical damage

Immortal Energy : Focus energy, instantly increase oneself's 50 points of vigor.

Daimon Provocation: Provoke the opponent, instantly reduce 50 points of its' vigor.
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werefox guide
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