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 Before u complain about me leaving greeggs

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PostSubject: Before u complain about me leaving greeggs   Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:38 pm

please do know i left greeggs for a reason... i did never plan to leave greeggs since the beginning... this is the story of what realy happened...


I don't have a real family or anything like that in real life...
So i tried to make greeggs my family.I tried my best to behave,
to help, to do everything i could... and Kain was always like
'Good Job Ayane' to me when i did something good,
it felt great to be rewarded like that.. i felt realy home...

But after a while he promised me to make me a captain..
i was so .. happy that day... he said while we were zhenning and
while he was on 'Kane' 'when i log onto Kain i make you captain'.
He logged in to Kain after a while and i silently but nervously waited.

But nothing happened...
I did not mention it. I just hoped every day when he logged into Kain that
he would remember what he told me. Then after a while he said
'You know... after TW reset... i don't want to be a guildmaster anymore.
i just want to be a guildie, maybe a captain, not a commander, i want to take it easy, i want some free time, i'll make a nice new guild together with just my friends but don't tell anyone yet'.

Then he kept talking about it in skype and while we were zhenning he said
"u know, we do need to deceide who the guildmaster of the new guild will be tough.' i said 'yeah you should think carefull about that'

Then he said 'hmm u know.. yeah... you should be the guildmaster, yeah"
I laughed a little bit nervous cuz i didn't knew what to say.

But after that day i could not sleep, the whole night i was thinking about it, and i had a weird feeling in my stumach, i suddenly started to think about guildnames. in the morning when Kain logged into skype i gave him a document where i wrote so many guildnames down as ideas how the guild could be named. he said 'hmmm.. i like elite... hmm caps looks cooler... oh but i like the ELITES more because we are more then 1 person so it should be ELITES'

i said 'okey' and i started to create a forum for the guild. a very advanced forum as you see, it took me 2 days and nights . He signed up and said 'okey but keep this quiet, i'll let people know slowly, don't you tell anybody, let me do this' i said 'okey'

As u can see the forum has over 800 posts, after he signed up on the forum i made and wrote them all, it were all guides, ideas, rules, events, information and more. i worked so hard to get everything ready for him.

And after a while he let superman, jellybean, puddytat and hrodebert know about it. they all signed up on the forum as well.

Superman left his guild and joined greeggs after that, i also deceided to level fast, i used 80 euro to buy cubi for pure exp scrolls and hierograms and a faster mount for WQ , i even made a bet with Bhuna to make myself even level faster since if i didnt get lvl 95 on 10 march i would have to marry bhuna.

i zhenned every day 10 or more hours. And then on a day after 15 hours zhenning, when it was 5 - 6 am in the morning, i was still in a zhen but i received a mail so after the scroll i told them 'i have to go after this scroll guys' so after the scroll i went to check the mailbox out.

First thing i saw was that it came from Kain, so i felt pretty relieved and became in a good mood. but then i read the title 'ELITLES'. i still was in a good mood because i thaught it was a typemistake.

i opened it and it said...

Ayane, i can't commit to elites, i will make my own guild and house everyone in there, i only wish to be round like minded ppl i trust and feel comfortable with. and would not cause myself or my friends problems, im sorry for wasting all your time and hard work you have done so far. i can't have anything to do with elites. sorry. bye. Kain.

i can't explain.. i realy cant explain the feeling that i had after reading that message... it felt like i was going to pass out... like an emptyness... like some kind of shock, like chains, i rly don't know how else i could ever explain this feeling. That feeling was so strong and made me feel so helpless and alone...

It made me press the leave button of greeggs...
And i have kept my word, my promise...

i continued ELITES...

and i will do my best to make this the best and coolest guild ever.
i will do my best to make everyone feel home.
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Female Sagittarius Horse
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Points : 15133
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Join date : 2010-02-16
Age : 28
Location : Belgium

PostSubject: Re: Before u complain about me leaving greeggs   Tue Mar 30, 2010 6:00 pm

In March Kain tried to warn/treathen me.

I was on Ayane at Ancient Dragon City West Banker.
While checking my mail, Zak and Kain were dueling.
Zak was level 80+, Kain is level 100+.

Zak won the duel against Kain.
I was pretty surprised about that since even i
won against Zak on my werefox which was level 70+

So i was very surprised and i told in guildchat 'wow, Zak just won a duel against Kain'
and guildmembers were like 'wow but isnt zak lvl 80+?' and i said 'yeah... Kain lost against Zak in west ancient dragon city where most people stand, he must feel bad right now"

People in west ancient dragon city were telling Zak 'well done!' and 'good job'

It appeared Akane that was currently in our guild, was online and also talking in skype against Kain and he saw what we talked about in guildchat and said to Kain something about it , i assume he asked Kain the 'is it true what ayane said, that u lost against zak' question.

Immediatly after that,
Kain Whispered me, saying :

'Zak might be able to beat me but i'd kick your ass''
so i thaught Akane told him about what i said so i said 'Haha sorry kain,i just think its funny because my werefox beated him earlyer'

Then Kain said :he can beat me because hes good but you'll always be a big losser" . when he typed 'loser' with 2 S'es i thaught it might be someone else on Kain his account because Kain is a decent person in PUBLIC but in whisper that day he seemed so different... so i considered maybe someone else was on his account so i said 'i didnt knew kain was account sharing' while i asked in guildchat 'is Kain accountsharing?' but Akane confirmed it was the real Kain and that he was on skype with Kain.

then Kain said 'you are sad, i eel sorry for u' "*feel and then he contineud 'nie try haha' *nice"

Then after a moment of silence in whisper while i was talking in guildchat he all of a sudden whispers me 'crash and burn' so i was getting tired of his behaviour so i told him 'one more comment and ill contact the GM' and he taunted me with 'take your best shot'

then he contineud while i was trying to contact GM FranK (most likely in hope that GM frank would read it in the logs)

"FranK is not your puppet, hes respectable GM"
then i said to it

'but bothering ,harassing and insulting players is bannable KAIN"

then he repeated 'Take your best shot'

then he said 'im respected on this server unlike you"
so i replied 'Its not cuz you're respected that u can do anything you like Kain, this server has the SAME rules for YOU"

then he replied 'i dont ask to be assulted by you' 'you atteack me' 'ppl talk tome'
so i was rly thinking he was just typing it all for the GMs to read.
so i tell him clearly 'i did NOT attack you,i just mentioned in guildchat that zak beated u, you are the one insulting and bothering me right now and i ask you to stop''

then he kept taunting me to report him and i kept telling him to stop :

then i whispered DrPhil about it, he supported me in reporting it to the GM and he told mystics and they all supported me and said 'do it Ayane, this is not right what he dous to u"

so i tried again to whisper the gamemasters while he whispered me 'good luck , take ur best shot'

Gamemaster told me to make screenshots and then she said 'brb or ill burn my chips'

i waited for a reply but it did not came so i deceided to post them on the forum for the gamemaster.
immediatly players posted their screenshots of Kain bothering them in whisper as well.
And immediatly Gamemaster fenrook hided the topic and whispered me offensively to shut it.

Then i knew that fenrook is another corrupted gamemaster. i knew Gamemaster Sir was a corrupted GM that powerlevels and gives free items to his friends / girlfriend and now fenrook seemed to be Kains dog, not to mention Morrigan whispered me they were gonna do nothing about Kain his behaviour...

so i just knew there was something going on in the gamemaster team. I knew it was corrupted and i was a member of the helpdesk and i was supporting them... i could not go on like that so i deceided to leave the helpdesk. i do not wish to support corrupted gamemasters. if anyone needs help, they can still whisper me but i won't open HelpDesk anymore for them.

Thank You.
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Before u complain about me leaving greeggs
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