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 Introduce yourself here!

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PostSubject: Introduce yourself here!   Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:51 pm

Introduce yourself here.
I'll Start.


Hello All, I am Ayane ingame. Class Elf Priest.
I Started Perfect World Europe End Januari
And I Am A Proud Member Of The HelpDesk.

I Have Played Closed Beta Perfect World 6 years ago for 2 months.
I Have Played 6 years on the official Perfect World Straight After Closed Beta
Untill Perfect World International Copied Us, backstabbed the official server and was trying
to shut us down. However Perfect World Malaysia is still going,
They just lost a lot of sponsors because of it so they had to make the 2 servers only 1
to continue Perfect World MY.

After i got lied to and heartbroken in perfect world MY,
i moved Back to silkroad for a day to PvP, Then back to lastchaos to talk to gamemasters,
do some events, pvp and hang out, after a week in lastchaos, i deceided to try out Rohan.
After being in Rohan, i started to get tougher to break because in rohan there are many kids
that try to backstab you since they can't handle a 1 vs 1 face to face.

but after a while, when you are strong there, can almost 1 hit everyone,
Have everything you want, That game has nothing more to offer. after the lvl 90's its boring there.

so i missed perfect world, so i tried out another perfect world server. Perfect World MS.
i stayed there till lvl 60 but i disliked the Genies since they make everything way to easy.
i disliked everything on the server except for the players. i made an allclass movie on youtube
of them, they loved it, after that i was gone and returned back to rohan where i pvped everyone.

After Pvping Players, gamemasters started to add me to friendlist in rohan, and we joked for a week together, catching botters, spawning lvl 1 mobs around botters and more, it was realy fun but i missed the old perfect world, the original perfect world, however i hated the players in perfect world MY because they are backstabbing players and i did not wanted to see their faces anymore. and in perfect world MS they got genies and other to easy things but then i had the luck to find this oldschool perfect world EU server where everything was still oldschool and had a bunch of kind players.

So i downloaded it, introduced myself to the forums, got invited by origins, origins treated me like a noob and was very rude to new players, then i met Gaviota in the helpdesk, she told me about Greeggs, also the lands i was questing in were belonging to Greeggs and every minute i felt more tempted to leave Origins and to join Greeggs, which i did after a nice conversation with Gaviota.

I Even was so nice to still wave Origins Goodbye.

About me in real life,

I Am a 19 Year Old Female Living in Belgium - Europe.
I Speak Belgian, Dutch, English and a little bit Japanese.

I Love Anime, Manga, To Read AND Watch.
I Prefer Anime Like 11Eyes, ElfenLied, Chobits, Akikan, Sekirei, DeathNote, HellGirl, Kampfer, Gundam,etc

My MusicStyle is Very complicated.
I Like some Black Metal And Some Japanese Pop,
I know, its a weird and complicated combination.

And If You Have Any More Questions, Feel Free To Ask

Now Its Your Turn To Introduce Yourself
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Introduce yourself here!
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